Grow your Practice

Step One

Utilize our technology to track the online user behavior of consumers as they have selected a attorney anywhere around the US

Step Two

Find others who are exhibiting this “Pre-Selection Behavior”

Step Three

Target only those consumers….the ones that are ready to select an attorney right now….. with high converting messages on the right platforms

Step Four

Feed the behavior of the clients that select you back into our system and refine more and more over time the online behavior patterns used when consumers selected your firm.

What Happens When You Use our Technology?

You reach the client as they need you:



You match your services to the client’s needs:



Your machine gets smarter and smarter:



You grow your firm consistently:

You are only serving ads to the people who are most likely right now or at any given time to be in market for an attorney like you


Your ads are crafted to convert with the right messages and served to the platform where those consumers are most likely found on-line


…about clients that are in market for your practice area….learning form their behavior and refining your targeting even further as you track their behavior


…with the highest quality leads available and your marketing strategy is based in targeting with useful data